Are You Being a Good Spouse?

Are you a good spouse_It’s so easy to point out where we think our spouse is failing us. But when was the last time you really looked at your own contributions to the marriage?

Real change in your relationship must come from you taking action to recognize your own short comings, struggles and human frailties.

This little quiz below can give you a good guide to judge your awareness of how good a spouse you are being.

Rate yourself on a scale of 0-5 on the qualities below, with 5 being perfection.

But remember, your rating should not be how you WISH to be, but how you genuinely assess yourself to be in your marriage NOW. And it does help to reflect on feedback you’ve gotten recently from your spouse!

  1. Loving
  2. Cooperative
  3. Healthy/Fit
  4. Vulnerable, Emotionally Open
  5. Kind
  6. Forgiving
  7. Funny, Fun Loving
  8. Self Aware
  9. Generous (In spirit and thought, not just materially)
  10. Supportive
  11. Appreciative
  12. Physically Connected (To each other)

If your score is under 15, it’s amazing you are still married!

If your score is 16-30, this is a bit of crisis mode! Would you want to be married to you?

If you scored 31-45: Where can you improve? Are you bringing your best self to the relationship?

And if you scored 46-60: Wonderful, your marriage must be one they write movies about!

The fact is, we all can be better partners to our spouse. Pick one of the attributes above and consciously work on improving in that area. And if healthy and fit is an area you need to improve, join our fitness support group. You could even do it together as a couple! My husband and I have done this together and it has brought not only more health and fitness to us, but laughter, support, appreciation, love and fun to our marriage!

In the comments below, tell us which area you are going to focus on!

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