Testimonials – Fitness


  • If it wasn’t for this group accountability, I’m sure I wouldn’t have worked out this evening. Long day at work, sick kid, a million things to do at home. Very happy I joined Coach Risa's group, to make sure I find time for this too...
    - Kathleen C.

    -Very happy I joined Coach Risa’s group

  • I realized I needed to get myself under control, haha. I wasn't able to make any of the class times at my gym except 6am, which meant leaving the house at 5:30. Yuck. So, I canceled the membership and returned to working out at home. Today I completed the first month of ChaLEAN Extreme and using Shakeology and I've lost 9lbs and 4". I'm pretty happy with that! - Ann Marie D.

    -Canceled my gym membership, got better results at home!

  • Risa is always available to chat, guide me with any questions or problems, provide motivation, and training. She provides clear and concise guidance on what small, effective steps to take each day to ensure success in both your business and your health and fitness. My favorite thing about working with Risa is her constant optimism and willingness to help. She is an amazing leader and has become a trusted friend.
    I first became a coach because I loved Beachbody products and programs so much that I really wanted the discount. But then I realized how much I love sharing how effective the programs are, how much I loved Shakeology and the P90X results and recovery formula, and soon my passion turned into a business. It's been a great decision!

    -Risa motivates and inspires me to success!

  • I haven't gotten this far in a long time! No more excuses for not working out. I am regaining a tighter tummy and my jeans fit better but best thing is that my energy is up! Thank you, Risa. It's great to know that people give for the sake of others... You are an amazing woman and I'm blessed because of you.
    - Regina E.

    -I am blessed because of Coach Risa

  • I love the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology! I find it much easier than Weight Watchers and I don't have cravings anymore and the portion control containers inspire me to try new foods! I'm so glad I joined this group and wish I had done it sooner! - Jennifer R.

    -It’s easier than Weight Watchers

  • I have been working out consistently since January with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology and the support of Coach Risa's group. In 8 weeks, I have lost 11 inches and 18 pounds. I am so happy and this drives me to continue with my goals and new lifestyle. Yipee!!! - Tricia W.

    -I’ve lost 18 lbs and 11 inches!

  • In 90 days I lost 10 lbs, 5 inches in my waist, 2.5 inches in my hips and 2.5 inches in the thighs. I am seeing muscle building where I’ve never seen it before! With warm weather arriving, I am happy to combine TurboFire in with my runs; and unlike in years past I haven’t had to recondition and build up to where I was before. My runs are like they were at the end of the last season. This is a great program!

    -Runner and Lover of Food