It’s Time to Get Serious about Your Health and Fitness!


coach RisaIt’s not easy. You’ve tried numerous ways to lose weight and get healthy. Maybe you’ve tried going to the gym, hiring a personal trainer, using a weight loss center, counting points, doing circuits. Some of it worked for a while, but then you gained it all back, probably with interest.

I know from personal experience how frustrating that vicious cycle gets. I would go to the gym religiously 6 days a week for years. I went on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes. I did mat exercises. I did yoga. I went to spin classes, and Body Pump classes. Guess what – I never got results. The scale didn’t budge, and what’s more important, my body shape didn’t change. I remained a size 14 for five years!

The final straw was when during a training session with a personal trainer at the gym, I saw his wife bring him dinner… McDonalds! That sent me over the edge. This is the person who’s going to help me get fit and healthy??? You’ve got to be kidding me! As I got closer to my 40th birthday, I began to think it was just inevitable. My thighs would get thicker, my belly would hang over my jeans, and my arms would become batwings. I thought I just had to accept it.

Then, a friend suggested I try this in-home workout program, and take care of the nutrition side of things by drinking Shakeology, aptly described as “The healthiest meal of the day.” She also promised to support me whenever I hit a wall. Less than 90 days later, I’d gone from that size 14 to size 6! Was it easy? Of course not. Did I have to put in effort? Of course!  But it was worth the sweat and I got better results than I ever did going to the gym! I put in less time and got better results!

Not Just Any Fitness Program – Your Fitness Program!

Anyone can sell you a fitness program. Whether or not it’s the right program for you is a different question, and in my mind, the most important one.

You may be surprised by this, but I’m not looking to sell a product to you.

Most people begin a workout program and don’t stick to it. It’s not easy, especially if the program isn’t all that great. Even if it’s a world-class program, it may simply be the wrong one for them. Maybe it’s meant for someone who’s further along their fitness journey. Maybe it’s not intended for someone with joint problems. Or maybe it’s just not intense enough.

My goal is that we build a relationship that allows me to offer you personalized service, tailored to your precise needs and goals. Then, you can choose to buy the program that’s right for you.

What I Offer You as My Client:

  • Free consultation via Web conference call to identify your current wellness/fitness status and goals;
  • Free assistance in finding the program that’s right for you; and
  • Once you join, free coaching, including daily online support.

I Have Just Two Questions for You:

  • Are you ready to do what works, stop reinventing the wheel and reach your health and fitness goals?
  • Do you want to work with someone who sees you as an individual human being, rather than just another prospective sale, someone who walks the walk herself?

If you answered “Yes!” to both these questions, send me your email address and tell me what I should call you, so we can get moving.

Yes. I want to get moving. Please sign me up for a free consultation!



When you have the support of a Coach to keep you accountable, your‘e more likely to complete the program. That’s why I help you complete your workouts and reach your goals. I’m doing this too. I do my workouts and drink Shakeology. I walk the walk, unlike that trainer at the gym!

Yes, you have to put in the work and the sweat, but with me cheering you on, you can do it. You don’t have to accept that just because you’re getting older, you have to get heavier or less healthy. You need to build muscle, improve your cardio capacity, and eat right. The tools are here, now you need to use them. Let’s get you started today.