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You want more out of life. It’s time to feel good in your own skin like you used to, time to feel powerful again!
Strong is where it’s at – it’s the new skinny!
Our Fitness Support Group gives you exactly that – strong curves!

Cardio is great, but it’s not the only way to lose weight. In fact, since muscle burns calories even when you’re not exercising, strength training is a great way to burn calories and fat around the clock (even when you’re sleeping or chatting with a friend)!
• Are you ready to reclaim your strength and find your power?
• Are you ready (and I mean really ready!) to rock your muscles?
• Are you ready to finally lose weight in a healthy lasting way?

What exactly is our Strong Curves Fitness Support Group?

The secret formula to sustainable and healthy weight-loss isn’t so secret. All it takes is three elements:
1. Working our bodies – that’s right, working, because we didn’t evolve to sit in front of a computer all day or in front of the TV all evening

2. Eating a nutritious, balanced diet, correct for your metabolic type with sensible portions – there weren’t many bags of chips and cookies laying around the woods when our early ancestors went foraging, so our bodies really aren’t designed for that sort of thing

3. Finally, and perhaps most important, it’s about SUPPORT! When was the last time you were able to go solo and stick with a new habit you knew was good for you, but took effort?

With Strong Curves, I address all three elements together. We use a proven, world-class, in-home (or in the gym or hotel room!), workout program. We fuel our bodies with a scientifically designed, clinically proven, super-food-rich (and let’s not forget – yummy!) drink called Shakeology. Finally, I host an online support group through Facebook, where we all share our struggles and successes, helping each other stick with our commitments.

The beauty of Strong Curves is that you can do it all at home, on your schedule, on your terms.
But isn’t weightlifting just for guys? Won’t it bulk me up like a guy?
No, weightlifting isn’t just for the guys; and no, unless you take steroids or some other unhealthy “supplements,” you won’t bulk up like a balloon like some of them do – your body simply doesn’t have the testosterone for that – which is a good thing, because you’ll just get strong and lean without losing your curves!

How much does it cost and what does it include?

The “Beachbody Master’s Hammer and Chisel + Shakeology Challenge Pack” includes:

  • The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout program includes all the workouts you need, the essential tailored nutrition guide and portion control containers.

  • Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—a superfood protein shake that helps boost your energy, reduce your cravings, and accelerate your fitness results—delivered on a monthly auto-ship program; this is truly the healthiest meal of your day!

  • You will even have access to streaming additional workouts wherever and whenever you have Internet access, access to over $1500 worth of Beachbody programs, including P90X, Insanity, and much more, as well as a 10% discount on a wide range of fitness programs and nutritionals, plus other benefits.

Check out this preview of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

 All this for just $140 the first month and $2.99 a week for the continued club membership thereafter. (You can cancel at any time, but why would you want to??)

Cheaper than a 3-month gym membership and 30 breakfasts that won’t do your body much good!
But don’t wait too long to decide, because this is a limited-time offer
Are you ready to start with us?

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Oct 31 2015 to Jan 22 2016 7 weeks inThese are my results from doing the Master’s Hammer and Chisel!

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