Old Habits Die Hard

My husband and I had a good laugh this morning. You see, our kitchen garbage can used to be under the sink. However, 4-5 months ago we moved it to the end of the counter area when we remodeled the kitchen. Well, needless to say, this morning I ONCE AGAIN opened the cabinet under the sink in search of the garbage can! It has been 5 months since we moved it! He looked at me and said, “I guess old habits die hard, huh?”

So, I got to thinking. If, after 5 months I am still going to the wrong spot to throw away my garbage, it shows how difficult it is to retrain our brains to do something new on a repeat basis. While throwing my garbage under the sink will make a mess and stink up the place, it isn’t as detrimental as OTHER habits we all have that need to change if we are going to reach our fitness and health goals.

What habits do you have that you know you need to change, but find it hard to let go of? Mine have always been eating something sweet after every meal, eating at night once my daughter has gone to bed (that last part is so she doesn’t see me and pick up my bad habit 🙂 and not drinking enough water. So, I ask you, be honest with yourself. What habits are engrained in your brain that are sabotaging you?

Psychologists tell us it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This is important because as brain research in my field shows, we need to carve new pathways in our brains in order to see lasting change. It takes conscious, concerted effort to do this. I have to stop, look at the cabinet I’m reaching for and check to make sure it’s the right one THOUSANDS of times before I get it to be engrained as habit. I hope you guys are faster learners than me, LOL! Maybe it will only take you a few hundred times 🙂

So, I suggest you choose one habit from you list and make it your goal to change it. Don’t just try to break it. Replace the old habit with a new, healthier habit. And please, send me a note. Tell me what habit you plan to replace and what you will replace it with! I will support you! That’s what I’m here for!

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