Do You Take a Statin Drug?

woman taking pillDo you take a STATIN Drug?” – my client asked me, LOL
I struggled twice in their couples therapy session to come up with a word. We laughed when she asked and I’m glad I have such a rapport with my clients that she was able to joke with me.

MY HUSBAND used to take a Statin drug to lower his cholesterol and I complained of him having memory problems. I even accompanied him to his DOCTOR APPOINTMENT 6 years ago to talk with the doc about what I was noticing.

The doc told me, “All wives complain about that”
REALLY? I was pissed! Not only was he dismissive of my concern but disrespectful to women/wives as a whole! And he knew he was talking to a Couples Therapist! (The nerve!)

Instead of just accepting that memory problems were something he had to tolerate in order to get his cholesterol into a healthy range, we TOOK CHARGE of his health. We knew SHAKEOLOGY was a tool for lowering cholesterol naturally back then and since it has been CLINICALLY PROVEN.

My husband went off the Statins for 3 months and drank SHAKEOLOGY daily. When he went back to test the results WE WERE ELATED!

His bad cholesterol went DOWN BY 20% and his good cholesterol increased 25%.

No more statins used in our house! The fact is, our brains are made of fat. Research has shown that statins decrease the fat in our brains leading to memory and other problems. It is important to have healthy cholesterol levels, and in consultation with your doctor, determine what is appropriate for your situation, but know that there are HEALTHY, NATURAL ways to address the issue that won’t leave you FORGETTING why you walked into the next room!

As for my memory problem in session…I’ve never taken statin drugs and I drink SHAKEOLOGY every day. I guess I’ll have to find something else to blame! (And NO, I’m not getting older!)

I can help you give it a try, just message me.



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